Company Overview

Infrared Cameras, Inc (ICI)

Infrared Cameras Inc. has been in business since March, 1995. Originally named Texas Infrared (still an ICI DBA), we have supported companies globally by providing infrared equipment and thermography training to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. Our knowledge and experience extends from years of using infrared imaging and temperature measurement instruments to provide solutions to managers, engineers, scientists, inspectors and operators in space, power companies, medical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, food industry, research and development, and various process industries. Our products and services are used in industrial, commercial, and government applications worldwide. In February of 2009 our ICI 7320 system was selected by NASA Tech Briefs as product of the month. Our systems have been used and seen on national Television shows such as ‘The History Channel” and “The Maury Show”.

ICI is a company that manufactures complete systems and software. We can provide complete engineering, software, and OEM solutions. For example: If you want to manufacture and/or private label your own system we can provide a complete turnkey solution. If you need a custom lens, software, or a custom designed enclosure, pan and tilt, or airborne system we can help. If your application is high temperature or wavelength specific we can provide the system you need.

As of March 2009 we are also a provider of custom germanium, silica, and sapphire optics and windows for enclosures as well as custom pan and tilt units. We can even provide water proof, explosion proof and custom explosion proof pan and tilt systems.

We have operated as a full service company since our beginning, providing equipment, training, and years of experience to our customers. ICI provides outstanding customer service, professional support, experienced thermography trainers, and will work to find the correct infrared solutions for your particular application and company.

Infrared Cameras, Inc. LogoInfrared Cameras, Inc.

Main Office
2105 W. Cardinal Dr.
Beaumont, TX 77705 USA
Telephone: 866.861.0788 or 409.861.0788
Fax: (409) 866-7229


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